District Foundation Representative (DFR) Job Description

Primary Job Responsibility
DFRs shall primarily promote the programs of the CCOF and solicit funds. They also serve as a liaison between the District they represent and the CCOF.

Qualification Requirements

  1. Must be a supporter of the CCOF and a believer in its worth.
  2. Must be able to effectively relate to people both verbally and in writing
  3. Must understand and promote the CCOF’s programs and be aware of the complexities of gift giving as well as new initiatives and programs launched by the CCOF.
  4. Should have been an Optimist Member in good standing long enough to understand the programs, values, and structure of Optimist International.

Should have been an Optimist Member long enough to understand the programs, values, and structure of Optimism.

Job Duties The DFR must:

  1. Be aware of the fundraising policy (see D1 and D2), and abide by its policy.
  2. Attend a training conference and take advantage of workshops at the International Convention
  3. Attend District Quarter Conferences and Convention every year and learn about new CCOF launches, liaise with governors and assigned Board Member. Observe their training and communication techniques and use them to seek to improve presentation skills. Use District meetings to meet with CFRs and transmit any new initiatives within the CCOF
  4. Be a positive, knowledgeable force speaking on behalf of the CCOF in their District. By knowledgeable is meant to be aware of the various ways of giving, the types of charitable activity that the CCOF supports, and a basic knowledge of tax law: what constitutes a donation, minimum amount to trigger a tax receipt, benefits of different giving, and when more knowledgeable advice is required such as when an individual wishes to make a large donation.
  5. Keep the District Governor and their Team and your District Membership informed about programs and goals of the CCOF. Pay attention to news, insights,  and information from CCOF regarding fundraising.
  6. Plan and conduct presentations and training sessions at District or Club Meetings.
  7. Coordinate fundraising efforts in the District, including:
    1. Conduct special fundraising events.
    2. Ask for unrestricted donations to the CCOF.
    3. Ask Members about dollar-matching programs at their companies.
    4. Ask for business gifts from business owners or decision-makers.
    5. Encourage use of planned gifts, particularly through wills.
  8. Send contributions promptly to the CCOF
  9. Handle Donor Recognition for Club and individual contributors in their District.
  10. Identify major gift prospects and strategize with CCOF staff/Board for possible approaches
  11. Make your own gift early in the year to help set the place